Kitchen remodeling at a fraction of the cost
Kitchen remodeling at a fraction of the cost
Our Process
Our Process
The Decorrestore Process

Our Process


#1. Consult

We understand that every project is unique and there are different motivations behind a kitchen update. You may be looking to brighten up a darker space, add more function to your kitchen, extend its size, achieve a dream design, or simply refresh your space for resale. That is why our Kitchen Designers work closely with you to understand your story, objective, budget, and personal style. We then customize a solution that meets your unique needs.


#2. Design

Regardless of the size of the project, having a well designed and curated space is always the goal. From layout, to colour selection, to hardware and countertop, our Kitchen Designers first seek to understand your personal style to curate a design that meets your individual tastes. Bringing best practices from the kitchen industry and the latest design trends, you will be surprised what creative solutions our Kitchen Designers will bring to the table.


#3. Work

Whether a respray, reface, or replace, our team works diligently in the background to either bring your existing doors back to life, build custom cabinets, spray new doors, order new countertops and kitchen accessories and organize all logistics to get your project ready to go.


#4. Install

Depending on the scope of your project, our team of Professional Painters will visit your home to perform the onsite painting in advance of install day, so your kitchen is ready for the crown jewels to arrive! Then it's install day, our favourite day! Our team of Carpenters will visit your home to install your doors or cabinets, then new countertops are installed, and finally new hardware is added for that finishing touch!

Our Materials & Service

Our Care

Our Materials

We pride ourselves on giving our clients that manufacturer-quality finish that is both environmentally friendly and responsible. We use low VOC, water-borne paint that meets stringent environmental standards. While adhering to industry standards, our paint also meets our decorrestore performance expectations as the lacquer finish applied to your doors and drawers creates a high-quality, durable finish designed to be chip-resistant, waterproof, and breathable – perfect for a high-traffic kitchen or bathroom.

Low VOC. Environmentally Friendly.

Our Service

In keeping with our commitment to environmental sustainability and responsibility, we only perform our professional spray painting in properly ventilated areas. That is why all your doors and drawers will be sprayed at our decorrestore shop in our professional spray booth and cured in our fast catalytic paint drying booth with appropriate ventilation and respirators for our team. All the onsite painting in your home for areas such as trim, end panels and edge banding around your cabinet boxes will be painted with brush and roller in the same matching colour to avoid any harmful emissions and possible paint bleeding from spraying in your home.



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