Kitchen Cabinet Repainting

Brand New Look. Fraction of the Cost

The best way to increase the value, and enjoyment, of your home, is a kitchen makeover.

At decorrestore, we deliver significant savings over traditional kitchen renovation projects by spray-painting your existing cabinets instead of replacing them. If the footprint of your cupboards and the bases and frames are in good shape, and you are looking for an updated look, this is the kitchen option for you. We use high-quality lacquers in a wide selection of designer colours that result in ‘factory-new’ finishes. Our process is to clean, degrease and sand your door, prime it 2 times and apply 2 coats of water borne, low VOC lacquer sanding between each application. The result is a durable, resilient finish you will be impressed with.

In addition to substantial savings, decorrestore eliminates the headaches and disruption that can come with traditional kitchen renovation projects. Kitchens are completed in a fraction of the time required for total cabinet replacement.

We work with you to complete the package with quality countertops, sinks and designer hardware. Large and small custom carpentry services are also available.


The DIY Package

This is perfect for the true do-it-yourselfer. Simply bring your cabinet doors to our Hamilton or Burlington location for preparation, sanding and spray painting. While we’re busy putting a factory-new finish on the doors, you paint the cabinet frames. Guidance is provided and DIY kits are available. When the doors are complete, you simply pick them up and reinstall. This is by far the most economical way to transform your kitchen and add value to your home.


The Value Package

Our professional tradespeople come to your home to remove the cabinet doors and brings them to one of our facilities. While we are preparing and painting the doors, our painter will prime and paint the cabinet frames in your kitchen. Once the doors are completed, our staff will then re-install and align your cabinets to complete the makeover. This economical full-service package might be the option for you.

We also offer carpentry modifications. Decorrestore can redrill for new hardware, add crown moulding or under cabinet light valance. We can extend your cabinetry, built pantries, take out a microwave cavity or modify cabinets for new appliances. If you are considering full-service respraying come in to discuss cabinet modifications as well, we can order additional doors to match your existing cabinets and work with you to transform your kitchen.